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Employee Monitoring and Covert Evidence Gathering

It is the desire and wish of every organization to have trustworthy employees however the unpleasant truth is that the employees within your organization are uniquely placed with the access required to commit theft, but it can be difficult to identify fairly and without the risk of entrapment allegations.

We provide a comprehensive internal theft investigation service to identify those responsible and, where possible, to gather the evidence you require for a successful prosecution or subsequent relevant course of action.

Using a combination of human intelligence and technical surveillance techniques, our strategy for investigations can be tailored to your specific situation and the cause of your suspicion. Our process may include employee interviews, covertly-placed CCTV devices or the tracking of high-value stock and equipment.

Together, these time-proven techniques are designed to not only alert you to theft but also to monitor the behavior of your suspects following the act itself. Lakewood has access to the expertise required to find the criminals within your organization with accuracy, discretion and speed.

Asset Tracing and Computer Forensics To Identify Internal Fraud

Within any business, the opportunities for employees to commit acts of corporate fraud are numerous. As well as fraudulent accounting practices which have an immediate impact upon the financial well-being of your business, data theft or breaches of non disclosure agreements can cause long-term damage to both your balance sheet and your ability to succeed.

Lakewood helps organizations to investigate corporate fraud as quickly and cost-effectively as possible. Calling on years of experience in the intelligence industry, our highly trained investigators may conduct employee interviews, analyze computer records including the retrieval of deleted files, and trace the movement of assets that have been misappropriated away from the business.

Distinctively, we pride ourselves on discretion and confidentiality, while gathering the evidence you need to take action. Each of our investigators understands local and national law and proceeds with sensitivity and legality in mind at all times. This increases the likelihood that the perpetrator will not only be identified but can also be prosecuted if necessary.

Discreet Operatives For Covert Intelligence Gathering

In some instances, the only way to get the information that you need for business success is by having somebody on the inside. Our experienced, highly-trained undercover operatives can be quickly deployed into an organization to collect information and intelligence over a designated period of time.

There are many instances that may call for undercover operations, some of which are short-term and some of which require a longer period of monitoring. Most commonly, we send anonymous employees into a business when that business suspects security breaches, employee misconduct, internal theft or corporate fraud. In some cases, we can also gather information on working practices that may not be apparent from outside the business or from an executive position.

As well as investigating specific allegations or suspicions, our undercover operations can help to identify gaps in your existing security measures and the need for additional intelligence gathering. Lakewood deploys ethical, proactive personnel who can investigate or gather evidence without alerting existing employees.

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