Employee Recruitment & Screening

What is pre-employment screening? It consists of a process of investigating the credentials of (potential) employees in order to ensure hiring the right people for the right jobs. The pre-employment screening program includes a range of verification for final job candidates.

We also undertake screening for existing employees.

Some advantages of a pre-employment screening

  • Integrity

Pre-employment screening strengthens your organization’s ethics as the screening is part of your insider threat management to enforce your ethics and integrity policies and guidelines.

  • Enhancing the ethical culture

Pre-employment screening will help you enhance a positive ethical culture within your organization, where employees share your organization’s norms and values. A positive ethical culture will contribute to employee motivation, is self-enforcing and results into a responsible culture in your organization.

  • Trust

You will prevent potential future issues through pre-employment screening. This leads to increased trust, not only among your employees, but also from regulatory bodies and shareholders.

A typical pre-employment screening process

It is carried out in close cooperation with your organization’s Recruiting or Human Resource  department as follows:-

1. Recruiting

The process starts, like any recruitment process, with the definition of your candidate’s ideal profile by your recruitment / Human Resource department.

2. Application

Selection of one or more candidates that fit with the desired profile, for whom the organization may want to start the pre-employment screening process.

3. Opening of the screening

Upon receiving personal details of the concerned candidates, we first initiate a conflict check, ensuring that we are able to help you, and determine the right approach prior checks.

4. Information gathering

Lakewood Security Solutions will gather documentation, such as a signed candidate consent form, work certificates, references, copies of diplomas and other documents that may be required for our screening process.

5. Background Checks

We carry out intensive and well co-ordinated back ground checks. The process entails:-

  • Verifying information presented by the candidates
  • Acquiring fact based testimonials and references from relevant authorities and establishments where candidates hail from, reside and worked previously.
  • Scrutinizing candidates credentials to establish their legitimacy.
  • Assessing and building candidates character portfolios

6. Interview

If desired, Lakewood Security Solutions may conduct an interview with the candidate to clarify any uncovered issues or gaps and to identify any matters of concern for your organization.

7. Lakewood Security Solutions report

The findings of our pre-employment screening will be delivered to you in a comprehensive report, enabling you organization make the right choice.

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